Mayer's Mysis Signature Fly Pattern

Mayer's Mysis

Born and raised in Colorado my addiction for hunting trophy trout was a four-season experience, especially on the tailwaters of the Taylor, Frying Pan, and the Blue Rivers. These Mysis drainages force you to evaluate your patterns on a regular basis trying to find the creation that works in both high and low water conditions.


My Mysis evolved 10 years ago after noticing that you need natural movement from the fly to imitate the translucent look of a Mysis that is alive and the opaque color of a shrimp that is dead. With clear rubber antenna and white ostrich thorax tied at the bend of the Tiemco #16/18 200R hook, this imitation will pulsate in any current speed while maintaining flash with the tinsel on the thorax and abdomen capturing the attention of the large trout that are known opportunistic feeders. To finish the fly and ensure durability lay a thin coat of Loctite user glue over the tinsel and white 8/0 UNI thread wraps on the abdomen.

When fishing this creation I like to think of the fly as an attractor on a two fly nymph rig with attachments of 18 inches of SA fluorocarbon to the eye, bend, and eye of the hooks.In delivering this set up I am a fan of dead swings. Dead drifting the flies on the first half of the drift and swinging on the second half to determine whether the trout wants a still or moving delivery. Remember this patterns represent a Mysis that is alive and moves in the water! Matched with an upstream position to keep your profile out of view, you will fool more and larger trout.

A detail shot of the thread used to create the Mayer's Mysis fly pattern.
The logo for Umpqua Feather Merchants, for whom Landon Mayer is a royalty fly-tier.
An up-close look at the Mayer's Mysis, an Umpqua featured fly