Sink It Spinner

When it comes to dry fly fishing, if you are in doubt, “sink it”. This is a tip I learned from a great angler in my early years of guiding and what sparked the idea for the Sink-It Dry. Tied on a #16, 18, 20 TMC 2488 curved straight eye hook with a brass bead, the profile matches that of a sunken, crippled, or drifting below the surface film adult PMD, BWO, Trico, or May Fly. The scud backing rubber wings are tied as spent pointed to the side and move like real wings while remaining durable during a hard day's fishing.


The Whiting Farms hackle placed behind the wing matches the legs of an adult, and to finalize the fly, Micro Fibbets extend from the resin-coated abdomen. This fly is a versatile tool that can be fished below a dry fly during the hatch, nymphed dead drifting, or on the swing post-hatch when the current has swept the dead naturals from the water's surface to the trout's viewing lanes below.