The South Platte River runs from South Park in Central Colorado Eastward to its confluence with the North Platte River. The South Platte brings ample water supply that supports agriculture in parts of the state that wouldn’t normally be farmable. Ben Spinney, for whom the reservoir and area were known, was a well known rancher. His original cabin remains to this day on the stretch of the South Platte known as the “Dream Stream.”

The South Park region also brings us one of Fly Fishing’s most prominent educators – full-time professional guide, Landon Mayer. Landon has spent the last 25 years devoted to guiding and preserving the South Platte River. In that time he has authored several books on fly tying and tactical Trout fishing, developed and introduced several mainstream fly patterns, and has become an ambassador for all aspects of the sport, both on and off the river. His tremendous and loyal client roster could be his greatest personal endorsement. Over the years, the team from GoGuide became curious about how a baseball-obsessed, territorial young man became one of the most prominent names in Fly Fishing.

Fast forward to the present day where the GoGuide & Wood Valley Travel & Media teams spent an afternoon with Landon inside Spinney’s cabin, listening to a whole host of stories, wisdom and experience from the 25-year veteran. What came from this time together were tales of a timely gift from his mother, and a mindset he learned from his mother’s mother, prompting him to begin a major part of his fishing, guiding, and parenting life. Landon’s 25th Anniversary film chronicles his first steps into the world of Fly Fishing, why he chooses to compulsively teach fly tying courses, calculated advice for future guides in the industry and the reason he chose to call the South Platte home, for good.